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= Book Club Suggestions = === Science Book Club Suggestions, 2015/10, Keith Lofstrom ===

Science Book Club Suggestions, 2015/10, Keith Lofstrom


The Meaning of Human Existence, Edward O. Wilson, 2014
The human mind, life, and life elsewhere. Evolution is smarter than Richard Dawkins.

Whole Earth Discipline, Stewart Brand, 2009
Ecopragmatism: Make room for nature with cities, nuclear, nd genetics.



Regenesis, George Church,2012
Rewriting the genetic code. A trillion copies printed, in DNA.

The Infinite Resource, Ramez Naam, 2013
The global mind network is reinventing efficiency, consuming fewer resources.



Life in the Hothouse, Melanie Lenhart, 2010
Gaia is correcting our mistakes, on her own time, not ours.

Global Warming, David Archer, 2007
Climate explained with drawings, graphs, and high school algebra.



Reinventing Discovery, Michael Nielsen, 2012
Informal and powerful citizen scientific collaboration over the internet.

Don't be such a scientist, Randy Olsen, 2009
Write and speak to communicate, not to baffle and annoy.



Lucky Planet, David Waltham, 2014
The specific size and orbit of the moon is necessary for our existence.

Plows, Plagues, & Petroleum, William F. Ruddiman, 2005
Indians cleared land with fire, smallpox got them, forest returned, causing Little Ice Age.


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