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  * not shown on the map, and a little tricky   * not shown on the map, a little tricky, and slower.
 * South on Lombard from the transit center, west on 5th under 217.

Directions to 4180 sw 99th Beaverton 97005

We are about 7 miles west of the center of Portland, in West Slope between Beaverton and Portland, and 20 miles west of Portland Airport, on the other side of downtown.

Driving directions from Portland Airport to 26 west

  • Leave the Car Rental and Short Term Parking structure going east on Airport Way.
  • Travel 2 miles east on Airport Way to I205 south, to Portland/Salem
  • Travel 3 miles south on I205 to the I84 west to Portland, exit 21B
  • Travel 5 miles west on I84 (left lane) to I5 south, Beaverton/Salem.
  • Travel south and west over the Marquam bridge. Get in the left lane.
  • Just after the bridge, exit left onto I405 north
  • The second exit, 1D right, will take you onto 26 west to Beaverton. Lots of crazy merges.
  • Follow directions below from 26 Westbound to 4180 sw 99th

Driving directions from I5 (Washington) to 26 West

  • Take the I5 Interstate Bridge south - merge to the center or left lane to avoid exits, travel south 5 miles
  • South of the Killingsworth exit move into the right two lanes and take exit 302B for I-405 W/US-30 W toward Beaverton/St Helens
  • Continue on I-405 South over the Fremont bridge in the center lane, turning south
  • Soon after the Glisan and Burnside Exits, take exit 1D to merge onto US-26 W toward Beaverton

  • Follow directions below from from 26 Westbound to 4180 sw 99th

Driving directions from Portland Downtown to 26 west

  • Drive south on any southbound one-way street until you hit Clay Street, turn west (right).
  • Continue west on Clay until it becomes an onramp onto 26 West
  • Follow directions below from from 26 Westbound to 4180 sw 99th

Driving directions from 26 Westbound to 4180 sw 99th

  • Take 26 up the steep hill to the top.
  • Just after the crest of the hill, you will make a left hand exit onto Canyon road, Highway 8, at exit 71A.
  • Travel down Canyon Road Highway 8 through four lights, about 2 miles. Lots of car dealers along this stretch of Canyon. Pass the light at 91st.
  • You will briefly travel uphill again. Turn left at 97th, between Yet Another Used Car Dealer and the Shiloh Inn.
  • Travel down and up 97th until it ends at a T intersection with McMillan.

  • Turn right on McMillan, travel about one block, and turn left on 99th. You are almost there.

  • We are the pink house on the left, just past the candy-striped barrier. We have a paved driveway in front of the garage that holds two cars, and a grass/gravel driveway just south of the house that will hold many cars.


Driving directions from the south on I5 Northbound to 4180 sw 99th

  • Take right exit 292A to merge onto OR-217 N toward Tigard/Sunset Hwy/Oregon Coast
  • Take right exit 2A Beaverton/OR-8/Canyon Rd
  • Turn right onto Beaverton Hillsdale Highway 10
  • East on B-H hwy 10, pass three lights.
  • Just after the third light, turn north on 99th street, next to the McCormick&Schmicks restaurant green neon sign.

    • This restaurant creates many drunks, beware.
  • Travel north up the hill. We are about 7 houses up, the pink house on the right with the silly rock walls.

Driving directions from 26 Eastbound (the coast, Hillsboro) to 4180 sw 99th

See the map above.

  • Take right exit 69A from 26 Eastbound to merge onto OR-217 South Tigard Salem towards Beaverton
  • Take right exit 2A (OR-8, OR-10) to Canyon Road + Beaverton
    • move to the left of three lanes
  • Turn left at the first stoplight onto Canyon Road OR-8 eastbound
  • Travel 0.8 miles east past four lights (northbound ramp, 110th, 107th, and Walker) and prepare to turn right.
  • As you start down a small hill, just past the Shilo Inn, turn right onto 97th.
  • travel 0.2 miles south on 97th, ending at a "T" intersection at McMillan.

  • Travel about 400 feet west, make the first left turn onto 99th, going south around the main curve
  • We are the pink house on the left, just past the candy-striped barrier. We have a paved driveway in front of the garage that holds two cars, and a grass/gravel driveway just south of the house that will hold many cars.

Transit directions from Portland Airport and Downtown to the Beaverton Transit Center

  • Portland area transit is owned by TRIMET, http://trimet.org

  • The MAX lightrail system runs from about 5AM to 1AM. The Red line will take you from the Portland Airport, through downtown Portland, to the Beaverton Transit center, through downtown.
    • The cost is about $3; you must purchase a ticket at the machines at the south end of the lower level baggage claim area.
    • The trains run about every 10 minutes during the day, about every 30 minutes late at night.
    • You can use your MAX ticket as a transfer onto the Trimet bus system.
  • Another Trimet train, the BLUE line, runs along the same tracks from downtown Portland to Beaverton
    • Factoid: Leaving downtown Portland, the trains travel through a tunnel deep under the West Hills. This is the deepest transit tunnel in North America, 260 feet below the top of the hill, and one of the steepest uphill grades.
  • From downtown, you can take the #54 bus (Beaverton Hillsdale) or #58 bus (Canyon Road) to get to Beaverton.
    • The 58 bus runs up and down Market street, about 8 blocks south of and parallel to the Max line. The 58 bus line crosses the MAX line at the Goose Hollow Station, just before the tunnel entrance, so you can catch the westbound bus there.
    • It is probably less complicated to take MAX all the way to the Beaverton Transit Center.

Walking directions from Beaverton Transit Center to 4180 sw 99th

  • We are about 1.6 miles on foot from the transit center. If the bus is more than a 15 minute wait, and the weather is good, walking may be faster. If you want to walk, the most obvious way is south through the Fred Meyer parking lot, then east along the north side Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. Canyon Road has too many driveways and porn shops.
  • If you have a good map, you can go partway east on Canyon to 110th, follow the curve to 109th, trespass behind the back of the Target to 107th, walk east on Kennedy and through Kennedy park to 99th. This is complicated, but the most pleasant walking path from the transit center.
  • Whichever way you walk, be VERY careful around the 217 onramps.
  • The is a new footbridge over Hall creek from Laurel Street to Kennedy Park.
    • As of 9 October 2013, the path is blocked by a yellow tape that no obedient citizen should ever ever ever take 2 seconds to bypass.

Bus Directions from Beaverton Transit Center to 4180 sw 99th

  • You can take the #54 bus east down Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, get off at the stop across from McCormick and Schmicks, and walk a quarter mile north on 99th.

  • You can also take the 58 bus east from the transit center and walk about half a mile south from Canyon Road (get off at the stop before the Shiloh in, or the stop at 96th).
  • Beaverton Drivers Ignore Pedestrians Take care when crossing Canyon Road or Beaverton-Hillsdale, especially at night. The drivers are too busy illegally yacking on their cell phones to pay attention to you.

Bicycle Directions from Portland to 4180 sw 99th

  • The best way by road over the west hills is through Forest Park and the Zoo. The route suggested by Google is insane. However you go, the route is very steep.
    • Salmon Street west to King. Jog north to Park street. Very steep. Follow the signs to the Japanese Gardens.
    • From the gardens, travel west on Kingston Drive to the Zoo.
    • From the Zoo, west on Canyon Court to Sylvan.
    • There is a very nice paved bike trail running along the north side of 26, across at Camelot Court, and down the south side to the Ridgewood neighborhood just east of the Cedar Hills shopping center.
    • Go from the west end of the paved bike trail to Scenic Drive, south to Canyon Road and then over to 99th.
  • You can take your bicycle on the MAX. Good luck getting it on board at rush hour, though.
  • Skyline Boulevard is too narrow and twisty for cars and bicycles. Some suicidal fools still try. Use streets to the west.

Bicycle Directions from Beaverton Transit Center to 4180 sw 99th

  • It is probably safest to use 5th street, south of Beaverton Hillsdale.
    • not shown on the map, a little tricky, and slower.
  • South on Lombard from the transit center, west on 5th under 217.
  • Ride north from 5th street through the Park Plaza West parking lot (across the street from the white Oroweat factory), jog left and right, and end up between the Village Inn and the porn shop.
  • A light and crosswalk takes you across Beaverton Hillsdale highway to 107th.
  • Travel east on Kennedy Street (official route) and south through Kennedy Park.
    • or on Laurel Street after the new park bridge officially opens.
  • The southeast corner of Kennedy Park connects to a walkway to 99th street.
  • Short, steep uphill, with 4180 on the east side of the street near the crest of the hill.
    • Assume everyone on 99th is travelling to or from happy hour at McCormick and Schmicks, and is drunk.

      • No worries, it's been months since the last shooting on 99th.

Faster Less Safe Bicycle Directions from Beaverton Transit Center

Some Beaverton Drivers do NOT Ignore Bicyclists. They TARGET Them. Beaverton is a "bronze" bicycling city. That is the lowest rank, below silver (you might survive) and gold (actually pleasant to ride a bike). If there was a lower rank, it would be "lead", and involve helicopters with snipers.

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