100 Things Every Presenter Needs to Know About People

2012 Susan M. Weinschenk Ph.D.

book notes

Summary: it isn't about what you have to say, it is about how people absorb information. Know your audience, control your venue, be adaptable, prepare thoroughly (1 hour per presentation minute??), and practice. Memorize your first and last minutes, and your transitions. Body language matters. Dress matters (dammit).

  1. Chunk information
  2. Provide context
  3. Uncertain people are defensive
  4. Story form is best
  5. Provide examples
  6. Using information makes it stick
  7. twenty minute chunks
  8. sustained attention lasts 10 minutes
  9. people can't multitask
  10. minds wander 30% of the time
  11. variable rewards
  12. intrinsic rewards motivate
  13. vision most important
  14. stand to left side of screen (from audience perspectve)
  15. Peripheral vision provides gist (for most people?)
  16. Fill room by 2/3
  17. Use bright projector and light room
  18. don't mention food!
  19. use anecdotes
  20. be an authority figure
  21. body position
  22. hand gestures
  23. tone of voice
  24. look at each audience member a few seconds at a time
  25. clothes (dammit)
  26. control the room
  27. fear trumps gain
  28. time more than money
  29. be the dominant personality
  30. people value actual physical product
  31. audience writing increases commitment
  32. no followed by yes, obligation leads to action

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