2 Gigasecond Party, Friday January 20

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Keith Lofstrom will be 2 billion seconds old on Friday January 20, 2017.

You (plus partner, children, and houseguests) are invited to a party! Show up after 2pm to hang out with geeks, or after 6pm when the responsible adults get off work. We will have vegetarian finger food (falafels, veggie and fruit trays, cheese, nuts) plus tea, coffee, wine, beer, water, sparkling cider.

Please do not bring presents. Please bring a box to take home swag. If you want to bring food or drink that you like, it would be welcome. We invited 75 people; 25 people have responded yes so far, 5 no's, many more are welcome. No smoking.

Parking is in our two driveways and along the front; there may be parking on the short side street across from our driveway. Overflow in the south parking lot of the LDS church, west on the street 50 meters south of us.

Take home box(es) with leftovers and swag; I'm downsizing, and will have extra computer and electronics detritus, magazines, books, videos, tapes, etc. that goes either to you or to surplus/goodwill/recycle/landfill. We will raffle my cub scout uniform, which I wore when I was 250 megaseconds old.

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