Here are some pictures of our new house, before we moved in. When we finish moving in and get more time, we will add more pictures.

The house at 4180 sw 99th Beaverton Oregon. Built in 1960. 3276 square feet (304 square meters) including the garage.

The rock wall is not stable and will be rebuilt.

House lot (not in the city of Beaverton, but in unincorporated West Slope between Beaverton and Portland) for 4180 sw 99th from Google satellite view. The lot is 0.65 acres or 0.26 hectares, about 100 feet (30 meters) north-south by 300 feet ( 90 meters ) east-west:

The green rectangle right of the house was a cage to protect cats from dogs and coyotes. We will make it smaller, then keep chickens in it:

Here is Shara in the dining room:

Here are Keith and Shara in the living room:

Here is the basement, where Keith has an office and workshop. There are now 12 fluorescent lights instead of one:

Here is the back yard. Our property extends to the tall trees in back:

This is the "recreation room". It now contains a library, and the audio and video systems, with the couch from the old house:

The garage. The riding lawn mower came with the house. I had to replace the motor deck and repair the engine.

The kitchen. We replaced the stove top and the refrigerator.

Here is the greenhouse. We will rebuild it when we have the time and money.

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