Hole Under foundation at 4180 99th


larger view

Hole dug in foundation between basement door and air conditioner. I will add a 20 amp waterproof duplex power outlet to the outside wall, probably 2 feet above the air conditioner power line. A natural gas pipe runs from the driveway to the gas meter, approximately parallel to the back extension of the house, about 18 inches down. A french drain (in gravel) runs somewhat deeper and farther to the right.


larger view

Viewed from back. The spigot to the left runs to another spigot in the middle south side of the yard, but is otherwise disconnected


larger view

Closer view of the hole. The thin black line marks the location of the bottom of the basement slab, determined with a plastic pipe water level. I presume a pipe hole can be drilled through the foundation just below the line, if there is some way to detect and avoid cutting through rebar in the concrete.


larger view

View down into the hole. Mostly dug with a seed drill and the edge of a flat bar, scooped out with a garden trowel.


larger view

view from inside the hole, looking up. Top of the photo faces outside. A large "mushroom" of concrete extends into the middle of the foundation about 9(?) inches. The hole through the foundation will run above this.


larger view

View looking vertically to the top of the hole, under the foundation. Since this photo was taken, the clay dried out and the gravel fell down. The gravel is a mix of pea gravel and inch-sized sharp rocks, and from the volume of gravel that fell, the layer is one to two inches thick below the slab.

I'm still learning to use my borescope, but a video suggests some plastic between the gravel and the slab. Haven't learned how to attach videos to this webpage yet.

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