This is a Philips Slimstyle 60W slimstyle LED bulb wrapped with Lee Filters 105 theater gel. I am still evolving the construction procedure, so I cannot complete this page yet.

I will try to have this page completed by 2016 Jan 15.

I was wrapping the base of the bulb in some available 2 inch heat shrink, but this caused three the bulbs to fail during life test. The cause is dumb: the Philip bulbs contact the Edison base thread to the "black wire" inside the bulb with a press contact, and this oxidizes in the heat. If I can find another source of these bases, I will rebuild the failed bulbs. Also, I will find some 1.5 inch heat shrink, so less heat is needed to wrap them with heat shrink. Or just use black electrical tape, which is uglier but avoids the heat.

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