No god but God

The Origins and Evolution of Islam

Reza Aslan 2005/2011Beaverton 297 ASL

Author's observations about "jihad"

Three developments

Overall, an interesting book. My interpretation is that much scholarship remains, to remove the overburden of self-serving misogynistic crap that has accreted over the centuries, and adapt the remaining reforms to the future. Islam, stripped of centuries of added dogma and heresy, won't be a rigid specification for a complete life, but an important inspiration for a modern life. For now, it is up to intelligent and forward thinking Muslims to teach the boorish faux Muslims how to Muhammad actually asked them to behave, so they can join together to restore their legacy and join all of us to contribute to a peaceful and prosperous future for everyone.

I hope I can help create the tools to help Muslim girls learn They will become the educated Muslim mothers who will make sure all Muslim children are educated. Two billion liberally educated Muslims, two generations from now, will be a powerful force for good.

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