Automation and Jobs

Too many workers, not enough entrepreneur/employers. Imagine automated assistance for fledgling entrepreneurs, helping the visionary (but semi-inept) build new small businesses and hire one or two (and perhaps someday, 20 or 50) of their friends and neighbors. Laws and regulations make that harder, but laws are algorithmic, and automation can help dreamers deal with them.

The self-styled intelligensia claim to help workers, but regulate and automate them out of jobs, a major source of working-class self-respect and accomplishment. That's why the democrips branch of the intelligensia lost the 2016 election to the republibloods.

We cannot expect the two major political gangs to help our neighbors from their East Coast palaces; we must use our own skills to train and employ and promote our blue-collar neighbors. The population is aging, and all of us will need robots to literally "do the heavy lifting". But a robot will never feel pride in a job well done, or ambitiously try to do a better job tomorrow. We need all of us for that. Humans and machines together can make progress towards the healthy and loving society our ancestors struggled to give to us.

There are an infinite number of jobs to dream and do. Let's do them together.

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