The Bitcoin Standard

The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking

Saifedean Ammous - HillsLib 332.404 AMMOUS 2018

Loquacious and disorganized, embellished with Rothbardian pontification. I skimmed a lot. The economist author's message is that bitcoin substitutes for gold and for state-controlled central banks. I'm OK with the message, but a concise 30-or-less page academic paper could be more effective.

I had hoped to learn more details about the technology; I got that from the first chapters of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction 2016, though I would prefer a second edition of the book.

Perhaps these papers:

Can cryptocurrencies fulfil the functions of money? 2018 S Ammous

Blockchain technology: What is it good for? 2016 S Ammous

Economics beyond financial intermediation: digital currencies' potential for growth, poverty alleviation and international development 2015 S Ammous

Economics beyond Financial Intermediation 2013 S Ammous


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