= Treadmill Motor Brush =I have an older DP Concourse treadmill with a GE motor in it, with worn out brushes and broken wings on the brush holders. I have been unable to locate replacement brush holders in the United States.

The motor is labelled with this information:

 DC MOTOR TYPE BD6219   |  D59136 /086330
 VOLTS 120 | A 6.2  | B94
 MN 5P80JY2A | | RJ B
 INS. CL. A | CUST PN 37052200
 UL FILE E79942

I was amazed to find that the motor in my treadmill appears to be a variant of the motors used in British Hotpoint washing machines, and that the brush holders are common repair parts over there.

See for example:

... and even a youtube video:

I have not been successful locating spares in the United States - apparently because the motor is mostly used in the U.K.

A photo of the broken brush holders is shown on a cm/mm grid. The holders have a 16mm square cross section, are 44mm long on the long side and 35mm long on the short side, and the brushes themselves are 5mm thick and 10mm wide, with a bevel.


The brush holders have roller looking gizmos on them. These actually appear to be wound springs. They probably work the same as the longitudinal helical springs that are buried inside the Hotpoint/GE brush holders.

I ordered two sets of brushes through ebay.co.uk - they arrived in 10 days, and cost about $12.25 (cost plus shipping in January 2009) for each set from "appliancehelp". The cheaper kind overheated and warped. The 3.95 pound 1600474 laminated (white case) does appear to work, at least for a few hours so far, with no visible wear. They have not even worn down to match the commutator yet, so I expect they will wear very slowly after that.

Here is a picture from appliancehelp's store on ebay.co.uk


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