Donation Wall

DWall - A proposal for fundraising.

Imagine website for fundraising, with a series of pages, one per project or charity. Each page is an array of small boxes; hovering over a box brings up a picture and a bit of text. The vertical axis in the array represents the value of a donation. The horizontal axis represents the time of donation (by calling a different sub-page name, the axes can be swapped or reordered for Asian viewers). A viewer of the page can hover over one of the boxes and see the small picture and text; clicking takes them to a fuller description, perhaps a URL, and an opportunity to go to PayPal and add money to that box, increasing its vertical position.

The vertical logarithmic dollar axis would be "binned" and dynamic - the software would sort the donations by value into equal sized bins representing ranges of value, so the array presented would scroll vertically in a browser window.

This would be a compact graphical way to represent a large number of donors to a project, largest donors on top, while emphasizing early donors over later ones. Of course, some of the URLs added to boxes might lead to spam; at least the spammers have to pay, and search engine spiders can weight or ignore the links appropriately.

The "time" of an accumulated donation within a row might be a weighted average of the time of each sub-donation, perhaps scaled by the inverse of donation total at the time each sub-donation was made.

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