Dreams of Earth and Sky

Freeman Dyson, Multco Central 500 D998d 2015

An edited collection from the New York Review of Books between 2010 and 2014. Dyson (FJD) is a thoughtful and adept writer, but I had no time to read this cover-to-cover. No index, and the lyrical chapter titles aren't specific enough to describe the chapter contents and does not mention the books that are reviewed. So, here's a list.

Our Biotech Future

Writing Nature's Greatest Book

Rocket Man

The Dream of Scientific Brotherhood

Working for the Revolution

The Question of Global Warming

Struggle for the Islands

Leaping into the Grand Unknown

When Science and Poetry Were Friends

What Price Glory?

Silent Quantum Genius

The Case for Far-Out Possibilities

Science on the Rampage

How We Know

The "Dramatic Picture" of Richard Feynman

How to Dispel Your Illusions

What Can You Really Know?

Oppenheimer: The Shape of Genius

How to Be an Underdog, and Win

Churchill: Love & the Bomb

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