The Core of the Earth

Into The Heart of Our World

A Journey to the Center of the Earth: A Remarkable Voyage of Scientific Discovery

David Whitehouse. Multco Hillsdale . 551.11 w593i 2016

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http://davidwhitehouse dot com/journey-centre-earth (sorry, my wiki software doesn't like the string

Much of the book is about using sound waves from earthquakes and bomb tests to evaluate seismic propagation through the core, Interesting, but the take-home lesson is that there is a lot of noise and not much accumulated signal, so far.

Diamond anvil cells can create some of the materials expected near tne outer core boundary, but the pressure and temperature is too high in the center, so we can only calculate and speculate about what is down there, and its acoustic velocity and impedance.

I skimmed much of this; I wasn't engaged.

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