Eat Seatbelts

Memory is tricky. I remember almost nothing about the 1963 television show Fractured Flickers, beyond one closing remark by the show's host Hans Conried:

Seatbelts can save your life. Eat one every day.

Well, that's not what he actually said. I purchased the 3 DVD set (26 episodes, 676 minutes of video, from VCI Entertainment and MVD Visual in 2017), and fast-forwarded through it for the Conried remarks. I found this quote at the end of episode 4 (22 August 1963), at 1 hour 40 minutes 50 seconds on the first DVD:

Remember, automobile safety belts may help you to live longer. Try to eat one every day.

Not nearly as concise or memorable, which is probably why I did not remember it that way, 55 years later.

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