Engineers Of Victory

Paul Kennedy, 2013 Beaverton Library 940.54 KEN

Silly me, I expected a book about individual engineers ... the folks who measure stuff, do calculations, create physical objects or processes, produce documents, train manufacturing staff, debug problems. How many engineers (including inventors) are even mentioned (much less depicted)?

The book is actually about the dozens of major actions that took the Allies from threatened to "sure to win". The "engineering" is a geopolitical metaphor.

Here are some "engineers" mentioned:

The book describes World War II (and other military history) as viewed from Paul Kennedy's perspective, which is mostly leaders and troop movements and weapons. There are some interesting bits about the development of the Russian T34 tank, and the P51 Mustang, but both are mostly "production and deployment" views, not stories of the engineers who developed them.

The negative reviews on Amazon (some from well-informed people) agree with this assessment, and also point out some glaring factual errors.

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