Escaping Gravity

My Quest to Transform NASA and Launch a New Space Age

Lori Garver 2022 North Plains Library 629.409 Garver

When the L5 Society merged into the National Space Society in 1987, I was an L5 life member and volunteer, and I was opposed. L5 space colonization and alternate launch systems were my guiding star, while NSS seemed like tepid rah-rah-NASA boosterism with pretty graphics. Policy "wonk" Lori Garver led the combined NSS for 9 years, leaving for a NASA policy job in 1998, about the same time I left Tektronix to be an engineering contractor and mediocre entrepreneur.

Chapter 2 describes Garver's executive director work for NSS, with Hugh Downs as chair of the board of Governors, astronaut Charlie Walker as president, and Buzz Aldrin as chairman of the board.

Inside NASA, Garver pushed for commercial spaceflight, which led to a niche for startups like SpaceX. Her first book is partly about that quest, and the best part of the book.

Most of the book is many battles over policy, waste, and make-work.

.192 recommended "Artemis" name for an asteroid mission, and "Zeus" for the SLS rocket, unaware that Artemis kills Zeus in some Greek myths.

Husband David W. Brandt, (not my friend David Brandt-Erichsen NSS )

General Manager at Air Line Pilots Association 2015 to ???

Nichelle Nichol documentary Woman in Motion 1h35, no NTSC DVD

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