Gene Machine

Venki Ramakrishan, Multco Central 572.8 R1656g 2018

I read about 50 pages; this is mostly biographical, not much technology. The sequencing and modelling of the ribosome emerged from the work of thousands of researchers, but Dr. Ramakrishnan, Thomas A. Steitz and Ada Yonath got the 2009 Nobel Chemistry prize for that great achievement. My guess is the book was written to credit dozens of other collaborators who were equally Nobel-worthy. which is a laudible goal. It doesn't tell me as much as I wanted to learn about the "nuts and bolts" of ribosomes. NO INDEX, NO BIBLIOGRAPHY, few citations of other popular works.

I'm especially interested in the workings of stutter codes, and whether George Church's proposed Genome 2.0 remapping is possible.

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