A Genius for Deception

Nicholas Rankin, Oxford Press, 2008

Mildly interesting but a little monotonous; important implications for computer security. I read it in little bits, late at night, so I missed and misinterpreted much. Page 72 paragraph 2 referred to "crash ships". I conflated the verb with an adjective in memory, and thought of crash boats recovering aircraft and pilots after a crash into the sea (which resembles a water landing for a spacecraft).

Never mind.

Page 126: `Gentlemen do not read each other's mail' said US Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson piosly in 1929 when he closed down Herbert O. Yardley's cipher bureau. ... British Naval Intelligence intercepted the Zimmerman diplomatic cable from Germany to Mexico as it passed through New York, suggesting that Mexico conquer the southwest US.

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