God and Time

Time is one of the dimensions of 4 dimensional spacetime, and special relativity shows that time and space are interdependent.

The universe is subject to relativity and results from a big bang. It follows that the big bang that created space also created time, and that time has no context outside of spacetime or outside the universe.

If the universe was created, then time is created by the same process that creates the spatial dimensions. "Before time" is like saying "west of the north pole" or "below absolute zero" The time scale ceases at the big bang.

Thus, the creative agency (God?) is not subject to time as we know it. The creative agency may cause or use or manipulate time, but sequentiality is irrelevant, and events are ordered by other means than time, just like the books in the library are usually read in a chronological sequence that differs from their shelving order.

This shows in the ordering of the universe, where conservation of material properties, in small and in large, persist for eons. This is surprising; why should anything stay constant for time periods much larger than the Planck time? Things do, and so whatever sustains the universe must be able to refer items to each other in space, and to themselves over time, outside the limits imposed on the residents of spacetime by distance and duration.

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