Truck loading access to 4180 sw 99th, Beaverton Oregon

Our house is on the east side of 99th (right side of photo). We will load and wrap the pallets in front of the garage (and move the car) when the truck appears. I presume the truck is equipped with a pallet jack of some sort.

If the truck is shorter than 45 feet, it can turn into Wiley Lane on the west of 99th, then back up into our driveway. If the truck is longer, then it can park pointed south on the gravel area between the street and a 2 foot embankment - or on Wiley, if the pallets can be moved that far. Given a rough schedule, we can coordinate with our neighbors. Avoid Thursday, that's trash day.

We have a grass driveway on the south of the house, but the corner is sharp and rain makes it a quagmire. I will probably use that grass driveway and a sturdy garden cart to move the boxes up from the basement to the paved driveway and the garage.

attachment:HouseTruck.png attachment:HouseFront.png

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