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 . http://drninashapiro.com/
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 .p90 '''detox centers''': liver (food), spleen (blood), kidneys, sweat glands, gastrointestinal tracts
 .p95 MSG in tomatoes, peas, mushrooms, some cheases ...
  . sulfites: 10 mg in a glass of wine, 56 mg in an ounce of dried apricots
 .p105 Folks should stop worrying about the porduce section in their supermarkets. It's the stuff in the center aisles (chips, soda, baked goods) that could kill them
 .p105 Frozen picked at peak ripeness, fresh picked to survive journey to market. Canned not ideal due to cooking
 .p124 some vitamins increased cancer risk ... but no references
 .p219 [[ https://www.skincancer.org/skin-cancer-information/ask-the-experts/does-a-higher-spf-sunscreen-always-protect-your-skin-better | SPF30+ important, but blocking both UVA and UVB more important ]]


Nina Shapiro, M.D. and Kristen Loberg, 2018, Beaverton 610 SHA

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