After the Ivory Tower Falls

Will Bunch 2022 Beaverton Library 378.73 BUN

The cover shows a fractured image of Berkeley's Sather Tower (Campanile) from the south, at 8 AM, can't find online, from the elevation of the viewpoint it seems to be from Evans Hall.

Evans Hall ... I found this 2022 February article claiming the Evans will be demolished and replaced.

“In addition to seismic improvements, the building has extensive deferred maintenance, inefficient and crowded classrooms, spaces that are not sized or configured to meet current program needs, and aged building systems that have exceeded intended lifespans,” Wendy Hillis, UC Berkeley campus architect and assistant vice chancellor for capital strategies, told the newspaper.

Opened in 1971, Evans Hall is home to 12 percent of general assignment classrooms on campus with a capacity of up to 3,500 people. The building houses the Mathematics, Economics and Statistics Departments as well as the math and statistics library and the undergraduate advisers for the College of Letters and Science.

All the operations in Evans must first be relocated. At 270,000 square feet, no single building will replace it.

The book seems to imply that everyone should get free post-high-school education, from trade school, perhaps through PhD, and that the taxpayers should pay for it. Less military spending, universal draft for many purposes, higher taxes, apparently.

Yes, I would love to see more people learning and more people teaching. But how do we define objective standards for what is taught and what constitutes learning?

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