Joan Wyatt

According to family records, Cathy was born in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona. Her mother was Ollie Lee Shoemaker, born 25 Mar 1895 in Alvarado, Johnson County, Texas, and died 22 May 1928 in Quanah, Hardeman County, Texas. This county adjoins Childress County and many people at that time, went to Quanah for medical care. Ollie married Hardy Cecil Jarrell on 28 Oct 1920 in Childress, Childress County, Texas. Hardy was born 23 Jan 1894 in Rosebud, Falls County, Texas, and died 30 Mar 1958 in Dumas, Moore County, Texas. They had three daughters, Cathy, born 1 Aug 1921; Lonnie, born 4 Mar 1923 in Kirland,Childress County, Texas, and Helen, born 20 Aug 1925 in Childress, Childress County, Texas.

On 20 Oct 1933 Hardy remarried Eula Stanford Cope, who was a widow with three children, James Stanford Cope, born 11 Dec 1923 in Childress, Childress County, Texas; Edwina Cope (Henderson), born 15 Jun 1925 in Childress, Childress County,Texas; and Evelyn Cope (Speed), born 10 May 1929 in Childress, Childress County,Texas. To the marriage of Hardy and Eula Jarrell, one child was born, Joan Jarrell (Wyatt), born 2 Dec 1934 in Kirkland, Childress County, Texas.

Cathy's step-brother, James Cope died 21 Jan 1970 in Amarillo, Potter County, Texas. She is survived by five sisters, Lonnie, Helen, Edwina, Evelyn and Joan.

My records show Cathy married Herb in December of 1946, but I don't know where they married.

I also do not know how long she went to college, but I do know that she graduated high school from Childress High School, where she was active in the girls' basketball program.

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