Johan Sigfrid Lofstrom was born in Hillebola, Österlövsta, Sweden on December 30, 1889. His father was Johan August Löfström, and his mother was Anna Maria Andersdotter 1863-1907 from Hållnäs (Uppsala County). Anna's parents were Anders Jacob Andersson 1819-1898 and Ana Stina Sigfridsson 1828-?. Anna's sister was Augusta Andersdotter 1860-?, whose son was Aron Käll 1892-?) according to

Grandpa Sig departed from Trondheim Norway (ticket image) on March 15, 1911, by steamship to Hull England, departing Liverpool England on the Canadian Pacific Lines ''Empress of Ireland'', landing in their wintertime port on the Saint Lawrence in Quebec. He travelled by rail across Canada, entered the United States at the Eastport Idaho border crossing, where his ticket included a 50 cent medical inspection, his Canadian Pacific Railway journey ending in Portland, Oregon.

Grandpa Sig married EmilyLongi on December 29, 1917 in Astoria, Oregon. They moved to Portland, where he worked as a carpenter. He is the father of HubertWilliamLofstrom and SigLofstrom . He died in Portland on January 17, 1951 at the age of 61y 0m 17d. Click for larger image

Hull is west of Leeds. Scandinavian ships left from Kristiana (442 km), Gothenberg (560 km), Trondheim (900 km) . . . (km from Hull)

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