Cathy was very sweet lady, my name is John Garcia and I was Cathy's hairdresser: I must have done her hair for at least 25 years, she was always positive about everything and believe in God. Church seem to be very important to her. Cathy believed in my haircutting ability, she used to shower me with compliment on how great I was. The bottom line is that I felt flattered I could even cut her hair being as fine as it was. It was so nice that I could make some one happy and that Kathy believed in me. I will miss her and I believe that Cathy is with our Lord Jesus Christ. She lives by sight now, and we are left to live by Faith which sometime is not easy . Some words I heard once, " If I lost my soul, God would would loose his Honor", He has to honor his word : all we have to do is accept Jesus as our savior, God knows I need saving. Cathy I'm sure, did this in her heart.

Love and Prayers to all and my Sympathy, John A Garcia

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