Here are some thoughts. I always remember the time that my mother forgot the sugar when she made pumpkin pies one holiday. They didn't taste very good but she didn't forget that any longer.

I remember when mom spent all this time making barbie clothes with patterns of course, but there was alot of hand work. I think that Karen also helped on this.

I still remember going down to the beach at Cannon Beach and going through the Tillimook burn and seeing all the trees that were still gone that used to be our summer vacation.

One thing that I remember about mom was that she turned us all in book people. It was ok to spend money on books. She also wanted to know what was going on in life and just in the news. This was one of the things that she passed onto us, we were raised to think in our own way, be determined and be able to stand up for ourselves. I know that in our family we might not have gotten where we where if it wasn't for the things that she taught us. Even though at times me might not have agreed.

I right now work for US Bank, Does any one want a credit card???:)))


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