Margaret Ransom remembers Cathy Lofstrom

Cathy was our neighbor when we first moved to a new housing development in the Cedar Hills area in January, 1951. Because she had a 3 year old and I had a 2 year old, we spent time getting acquainted and sharing ideas and dreams over coffee while they played. Those discussions turned to early actions. When the telephone company insisted they didn't have wires for individual phone lines because of the shortages from the Korean War, we decided to plague them with our neighborhood needs. From about March on, we took the children and visited the local phone office every week urging them to provide phones. At last they complied at Thanksgiving time, but we were away when Cathy oversaw the installation. She tied a big red bow on the phone and watched the driveway so that she could have the phone ringing when we walked in.

We all joined the Community Church of Cedar Hills, and she and I, as deaconesses, went out once a week to greet anyone who moved into the neighborhood and to invite them to church. That activity ceased when first one and then the other became pregnant, but both continued to be a part of the church.

Our friendship stretched over the years. She contributed beautiful items to the Work of Our Hands bazaar, and I have one lone dishcloth left from the many I bought for my use and for gifts. I also have scarves for blouses that I cherish. I could write pages of memories, but the most important one is that she was a special friend and I shall miss her.

Jim, James, Jana, Brian and Joy all want to add that they, too, have special memories and to express their sorrow at her passing.

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