Merchants Of Doubt

How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming

Naomi Oreskes & Erik M. Conway 2010 Beaverton Library 174.ORE

Smoking, Climate, Acid Rain, Strategic Defense, Ozone Hole, DDT/Rachel Carlson, Dixie Lee Ray

This book is preaching to the choir; I sing many of the same songs, but I am motivated by hope, not fear.

I agree that "conservatives" (AKA heirs of monetary/political/social wealth) defend what they've got, more vociferously if they did not earn that wealth themselves and don't know how to create more. Why defend smoking when vaping is less harmful, and meditation is less harmful still? Because change risks inherited wealth and frightens rigid minds. The authors certainly aren't fearless.

260-1 "Moreover, the Soviet Union, for all it's failures, was a technologically innovative society. Most famously, they launched an artificial satellite into space -- Sputnik -- before the United States did."

261 Cornucopians hold to a blind faith in technology that isn’t borne out by the historical evidence. We call it "technofideism."

261 Interchangeable parts - attributed by the authors to the US Army Ordnance department.

That said, you need a mix. Minds vary, motivations vary, environments vary, and outcomes vary a LOT. Idea space is best explored with widely distributed explorers, not ideologically-regimented parades.

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