The Encyclopedia of Misinformation

Rex Sorgatz, Cedar Mill 001.96 SORGATZ

Very amusing. Some author opinion bias but much less than I expected. Gently patronizing rather than vitriolic ... mostly.

I'm annoyed that I'm trying to downsize my library yet I want a copy of this to show and share. Thus, every library should have a copy, and there should be many more libraries, all open 24 hours, so I can point others there instead. Or I should buy a copy and let it distract me instead of doing something productive. Or something. Still, reading it over and over would be better than media misinformation. Or internet misinformation. Or my own persistent delusions. Or ...

I wonder if "Rex Sorgatz" is also partly made up, a misinformation experiment. The author's LinkedIn page lists many odd and wonderful accomplishments. Which would leave little time for compiling and crossindexing a complex book like this; I imagine more than 50% of the candidate entries did not make the cut, and would leave a trail of dangling links without countless hours of cross checking. Countless hours at a keyboard that would not be available for all those other activities.

Or perhaps the author used wiki software to highlight the broken links. He certainly seems clever enough to use technology to make encyclopedia writing easier ... and in a couple of years, to make the New! Expanded! second edition (coming soon to a bookstore near you!) attractive to owners of the first edition.

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