Nina Burleigh, 2021 BvtLib 614.5924 BUR

Vaccinations, the CDC, and the Hijacking of America's Response to the Pandemic

Opinionated leftist journalist. Not much science, a lot of accusations. This is preaching to the choir, not outreach that will shift any minds across a widening gap. Indeed, Burleigh bemoans the exorbitant sums given to new and old pharmas (the good guys) to develop and test COVID vaccines at "warp speed", she assumes the same swiftness would occur with less funding. Crashes are expensive, but an extra week of lost lives, or an extra week of viral evolution, is expensive as well.

I'm looking for a book to share with antivaxxers, nudging them towards science and epidemiological practicality. This book just digs the trenches deeper. A lot more of her enemies will die, but a lot of her friends will die with them.

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