No Social Media

I avoid most "free" social media - if you get a "connect" message from a "Keith Lofstrom", find out whether it is actually me. No Facebook (I created an account, then put it on hold to block it), no Twitter (and no texting), etc.

I don't have time, and I prefer some control over how my information is used. If the product is free, you are the product.

I reluctantly use Linkedin, but that is mostly to avoid offending business friends who want to connect to me. I've turned off all the chatter I can, and I ignore about 80% of connection requests.

I worry a LOT about search engines, and Google in particular. Google's supposed motto is "don't be evil", but they do not discard information. They are a publically-traded company, and their future owners, board, and policies can change radically - yet they will still have my information. I do have a gmail account, but use it only for mail that isn't accepted from my own servers.

If you want to connect to me, use email - and make sure the header is brief and informative. Figuring out how is an intelligence test.

And if you wish to belabor me for making choices that are inconsistent with yours, you fail the intelligence test.

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