A Flaw in Human Judgement

2021 - Kahneman, Olivier Sibony, Cass R. Sunstein

153.83 Kahneman Cedar Mill Library

Daniel Kahneman Olivier Sibony Cass R. Sunstein

I read the first few chapters, the message is that people are not consistent or strictly rational.

And so on.

Words not in index: mercy, forgiveness, surprise, exploration, discovery, invention, progress, evolution.

In a non-evolving, non-competitive world, rational consistency may optimize utility. But humans are exuberantly noisy copies of microbes, and the beings that replace us may be noisy copies of us.

Yes, hundreds of misguided people look for "low energy nuclear reactions", unaware of Colomb repulsion. Most waste thousands of hours and millions(?) of dollars. But a very few may discover something entirely unrelated to their goals while doing their strange rituals. Or a frustrated "corrector" like me might learn a new way to change misguided minds.

Chapters 26 "The Cost of Noise Reduction" and 27 "Dignity" touch on some of my concerns, but mostly to dismiss them.

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