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Post Corona

From Crisis to Opportunity

Scott Galloway

BeavLib 338.9 Portfolio/Penguin August 2020

1964/11/03 NYU Stern School of Business, UCLA(BA) 1987, UCB(MBA) 1992

This book is not about the virus, instead it is about business and social change caused by COVID lockdowns, and the super-acceleration of the Apple/Google/Facebook/Amazon monopolies.

Galloway is a monopoly-buster, taking aim at Google/Facebook/Amazon, suggesting that Apple acquisitions could make it more competitive against the other three. He may have thought the same about the other three, when they were scrappy startups twenty years ago. He's a business prof, and Stern is a business; high-performance professors attract high-tuition students.

About here Galloway goes full interventionist, government mandates to force Ivy League to expand. I'd put the onus on investors - Ivy league startup leaders and hires cost too much. Instead, use big data to find gems among all the rest, especially the new crop of Zoom students, and grow a cadre of future startup titans with a series of larger scale businesses. Provide continued value to those curated CEOs with new generations of selected millenials and zoomers, and later alphas. Guide them away from degrees in flower arrangement, focus them on profitable businesses that scale up, hire many, and benefit the world.

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