The Prior Occupant

We bought our house from a bank in 2010, after repossession from the Prior Occupant, henceforth "PO". PO bought, improved, and sold houses. The 2010 housing price crash put him upside-down on the loans; we bought the house cheaper than he "paid" for it. (Scare quotes intentional - his loans were 120% of what we paid).

At first that seemed sad, but after "re-fixing" many cosmetic cover-ups (like a pointless folding screen whose frame covered a big crack in a support beam), my sympathies for PO diminished below zero.

I hope that my many documented real fixes (radon pump, new load center, major rewiring, GFI, basement and garage wall finishing, ethernet) and future fixes will preserve the "solid bones" of this house for our old age, and for wealthy/geeky future occupants.

Near term fixes include roof, paint, new retaining walls and back steps, plumbing. Future improvements will include a wheelchair-compatible front entry, a new greenhouse, raised beds, better ground cover than grass. Hopefully resulting in a bidding war between wealthy geeks when we grow too old to remain here, proceeds funding an expensive senior home.

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