Preparing for Radon Mitigation

Cascade Radon, 20 January 23

Pictures of where the Radon Pump Will Go

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The dirt pile with dirt and pea gravel from the hole, looking north. I can filter out the pea gravel before Thursday with some advanced notice.
The cage to the right (east) is 10 feet from the house, and its south edge is north of the hole and the electrical attachment. Plenty of room for a small truck, especially on the side of the house, though the ground is soft from the rain.


View of the outside wall from the east, looking west, and the door to the laundry area. The boards on the ground cover the hole that I dug ... which is still there. Besides that, nothing else near the working area, which is accessible via a grass driveway to the street. - - - FYI: the hose bib on the vertical pipe to the left (south) of the hole is NOT grounded or connected to the water supply ... explanation complicated.


Close up of the power connection, a #10 grounded 120V cable inside a 0.825 flexible plastic conduit, which needs cutting to length. A 0.75 inch sealed coupler on the end, which can be changed. A full roll of electrical tape is inside the plastic bag, for scale.
The cable is connected to a switch in a weather-resistant enclosure, in parallel with 20A weather resistant GFCI outlet, both fed through a dedicated cable from a 20A AFCI breaker in the load center. There is (powered) 3 prong receptacle tester inside the clear cover. - - - This has not been inspected by the county yet; I will get that done when you finish, and when I finish another added branch for a different purpose.


View of the laundry area inside the east wall from the west side of the basement, before plastic sheets added. About 5 feet from the fixed laundry sink to the outside wall, and 5 feet from the wall behind the washer to the book shelves. The washer is on a legacy 15 amp circuit, no GFCI or AFCI.


Another view of that area, with a plastic sheet over the bookshelf, running floor to rafters and to the outside wall. We plan to add another plastic sheet to complete the enclosure of the area before you start making dust.


The washer and dryer against the north wall of the laundry area, viewed from behind the book shelf. The dryer is easily moved, the washer will need some coaxing with a hand truck and furniture dollies. Do we need to move the washer, too?
The downstairs bathroom is 6 inches on the other side of the wall.


Looking from the dryer area away from the door, into the basement towards the west wall. After making this photo, we separated this area with plastic sheet, and covered some of the ceiling above.

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