Ripples In Spacetime

Govert Schilling, 2017 / 539.754 SCH / Tigard Library

Decent book, not quite as amazing as his 2022 The Elephant in the Universe about dark matter. Which may have an alternate explanation, see my "Breaking News" to those book notes.

p106 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Hulse and Taylor "for the discovery of a new type of pulsar", and to Martin Ryle and Antony Hewish in 1974 but not to Jocelyn Bell ( Burnell ), the graduate student who actually discovered the radio pulsars in 1967.

p204 February 11 2016 announcement of LIGO's measurement of gravitational waves. Headlines from NY Times print edition:

p262 2004 NASA Swift satellite with X-ray telescope, principle investigator Neil Gehrels. Note, I have a book about asteroids written by his father Tom Gehrels

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