Cathy came to our house and shared holiday meals with us. She was a very classy and intelligent woman. She always had interesting comments. One time when she was in our house she was looking at our books, momentos, and treasures. She said, "I always enjoy coming to your house. You have so many interesting things to look at." That is one of the things I remember. She was a person who was curious about the world around her and appreciated the little bits and pieces people keep in their lives. She liked people.

Also, I still wear a sweater she help Char pick out for Christmas for me. I had always thought of myself as an XL. Cathy told Char that I wasn't that big and to get a Medium. It fit and still looks wonderful, and it was then that I started seeing myself as smaller (not little, but smaller then XL). There was that part of Cathy that reminded me of my own Mom. She was able to see past the facade, past our disguises and see the person underneath.

With her graciousness and perceptiveness she gently touched my life. I will always remember her.

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