Ruth Howard

Cathy was a talented, friendly lady with a quick mind and wit. I will miss her.

We met through mutual friends who knew she was looking for a housesitter during the winter of '88 or spring of '89. My husband Frank Howard died in May of 1988 and I wanted to spend the winter in Oregon instead of at our home in Wyoming, so I wrote to her. She wanted references, which I sent her. We made arrangements for me to be there a day or two before she left for Hawaii. She loved going there.

Cathy was still in good shape and strong-minded during that time. She loved her Friday nights with the girls. She made sure I did the dishes her way.

But I did not cook, that was not allowed. I am a bad cook and Cathy loved good food. I think of her when I eat a crust of bread as she saved all crusts to make bread crumbs. When I eat grapefruit with the special spoons I think of her as she insisted I put them on the breakfast table. The daily paper was to be returned to its original shape after one read it. Luckily I never did the crossword puzzle..

She loved her flowers, inside and outside. She loved to watch ice skating on TV. She kept an orderly house even when she was having her heart problems. Also she gave much to her church and was so upset when her favorite minister left that position.

When she started having more health problems I decided it was time for me to return to the mountains in the wintertime. I talked to her on the phone when I was in Portland over Thanksgiving 2004. She sounded good then, but I am sorry I did not get out to see her.

I do appreciate the time I had with Cathy and she helped me get better with the death of my husband.

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