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Photos taken on 80 fahrenheit July morning - Click photo for larger view


Thermocouple temperatures, top is left compartment wall, bottom is interior upper glass shelf


Inside of compartment. Thermocouple on "stovetop wall", 300 cfm vent at bottom, power routed through Kill-a-Watt meter, foil radiant barrier and 3 inch styrofoam ball spacer in back


Kill-a-Watt meter feeding power to refrigerator. Can exceed 100 watts during "Power Cool". Usually runs below 3 watts.


Vents at back bottom of refrigerator. No detectable sound, no air blows in or out


Close-up of left back vent. What's that strange bit of light brown foam just inside the vent?


Basement: AC Infinity fan and duct silencer to floor vent above. Thermocouple attached to sheet metal duct. Currently running at full speed, 300 cubic feet per minute, about 40 watts. Much quieter at partial speed, but refrigerator runs too hot.


Basement: Duct connection to refrigerator floor vent.
FYI Samsung engineers: Not relevant to the refrigerator, but the blue device on the lower right is a medical grade isolation transformer for my electronics workbench, isolating line voltage hot and neutral for workbench safety. Thermally isolated from the vent above, with cooling air blown towards the far right, away from the refrigerator vent intake. Your workbench should have this.

Note 1: I have a rope taped around the back for gently rolling the refrigerator out of the compartment. The force bears on the edges of side panels, not the back panel or the door or the bottom. Much safer than the hand truck used by the delivery people; I don't know what they might have damaged underneath.

Note 2: COVID-19 is rampant in the United States in July 2020. I hope to get warranty service, but I request technicians wear protection inside the house. I can provide face masks and shields, and "clean-room" style outer isolation clothing, donned in the garage before entering the house.

Note 3: I could look inside the vents with an industrial borescope, and take pictures for Samsung technicians. I will only do so with specific, detailed instructions from those technicians.

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