Skeptics Guide to the Future

Steven (&Bob&Jay) Novella 2022 - Bvtn Lib 500 NOV

In a nutshell, the BIG FUTURE did not arrive. The microchip did, and continues to arrive. Scaling smaller reduces capacitance, increases performance, and increases both cost and power density per square millimeter. We now use 3 KeV extreme UV for imaging, using photolithography tools the size of a small house (and the cost of a large office building), rather than the desktop mask aligners of my youth. Steven is an clinical neurologist and an enthusiastic de-bunker of herbal nostrums, and uses that lens in this book ... with variable focus.

I haven't learned much about brothers Bob and Jay. Lack of T.V., I suppose.

My take on futurism: media pundits also don't live in the future.

And now the book:

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