If it sounds like a quack ...

A journey to the fringes of American medicine

Matthew Hongholtz-Hetling

Hillsboro . 615.856 HONGOLTZ-HETLING 2023

An irritatingly constructed book about deluded people ... mostly. Seven separate stories chopped into four parts. I already juggle many books at a time, this reads like seven short books, or perhaps seven television shows. Fooey.

The author seemingly expects the FDA to protect individuals from medical fraudsters. Most television addicts seek fraud, from the fantasy shows they watch to the advertised products they buy. Perhaps this book is intended to nudge those addicts away from idiocy; if so, the episodic structure may be familiar to televidiots, but probably won't shift them away from reality.

Irrelevant(?) note; this particular copy was extra irritating because a prior library reader took it to the beach, and added some sand to the plastic book cover.

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