When Janet Vorvick and I found our way to Cedar Hills UCC in 1985 or so, Cathy was one of the first to greet us. She took a real interest in us, especially when she found that I'd already met Keith (through work) and shared some of the same interests and concerns.

Some years later, when her health prevented her from attending church regularly, Cathy still managed to get to some of the special services and events. As far as I could see, any Sunday she was there was a special event in its own right, with many friends lining up afterwards to say hello.

A few years ago, I started to tape the church services. At first, I thought of it as an occasional thing, only worth the effort for a special service or piece of music. Cathy was one of the first to listen to the tapes and asked for more, and the task soon became an important part of my routine. I've heard from a number of people how Cathy appreciated receiving the tapes, and I'm happy to have been able to return some of the care she showed to us.

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