Swedish Oregon

Lars Nordstrom - 979.5 SWE Beaverton Library 2008

This is a book of stories, and short biographies, arranged chronologically. Immigrants, settlements, organizations, and eventual assimilation. In the early 1900s, Swedish immigrants to Oregon came to Portland, Astoria, and Coos Bay.

The Oregon Posten provided news in Swedish from 1908 to 1932, when editor Fredrik Wilhelm Lönegren retired.

page 179: The (Swedish) First Immanuel Lutheran Church at 1816 nw Irving was built in 1905, same shape.

page 188: The Swedish Society Linnea Hall was at 1910 nw Irving ... the picture of that two story building looks vaguely familiar, but there is a one story brick office building there now.

page 233 The Oregon State Commission on Immigration advertised abroad for immigrants, and arranged with an Atlantic steamship company ... at one-half the usual fares. In 1913 the Commision prepared literature in the Scandinavian languages ... Grandfather Sig arrived in 1911 via Canadian Pacific Railway.

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