The Undoing Project

Michael Lewis, 2017, Beaverton 612.8233

No index, chapter titles uninformative. Lewis writes stories about people and their ideas, perhaps designed to appeal to fiction readers. Well written, but not what I'm looking for.

The focus of the book is the collaboration between Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman between 1969 (at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, ~p158) 1980 (Tversky at Stanford, Kahneman at UBC, ~p307 "The Undoing Project" neologism).

Chapter 6, the Mind's Rules, (p165), decribes Paul Hoffman's founding of the Oregon Research Institute in Eugene in 1960. ORI modelled wind sway for the World Trade Center ( other researchers Paul Slovic, Lew Goldberg ).l Measured radiologist stomach cancer evaluation, faired poorly compared to algorithm.

T&K at ORI for 1971-2 academic year.

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