Wiki Usage notes by Keith

There are other examples of pages on the CathyLofstrom memorial site. If you run into problems, just type in the content, attach pictures or documents, and leave notes about things that don't work right. I can clean up afterwards.

Be aware that others can edit the pages also - Wiki format involves collaboration, for good or for bad. Spamsters sometimes deface the pages. I monitor this, and usually put them back within a day or two. I also make nightly backups.

Getting the formatting perfect requires some experience, but getting the text in there can be done by most people. My 80yo+ aunts managed.

When you edit this, you can delete this text and enter your own. The wiki software saves revisions. Note, this is kwiki-wiki software, a pretty cheesy example of wiki software. There are much better and easier-to-use wiki programs out there, and I will migrate all this text when I get enough time to set up new stuff.

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