Dim Bulb

I use color-changing LED bulbs as indicators, and for nightstand lights. A 5W red LED is bright enough to read with in the dark, and doesn't produce melatonin-reducing blue wavelengths. Sometimes I need to change to white light to look at color pictures or other full-color objects. Color changing bulbs, with a remote at bedside, is very helpful.

I purchased 4 supposedly 5W color-changing bulbs through eBay, US sourced (Kentucky) and Chinese manufactured. Chinese manufacturing is acceptable, but shipping from China is slow, and return shipping nearly impossible, so I tried a US source this time. Fast shipping but unacceptable product.

These bulbs are very dim (less than a watt) and are pale blue when set to "white". Below is a comparison photo, with the dim bulb in the middle, a 3 watt color changing bulb on the left, and a standard 5 watt white LED bulb on the right. My Canon digital camera is saturated by the bright bulbs; the background is a white desk illuminated by room light, with the product box and infrared remote control above the dim bulb. While the very dim bulb is brighter than the desktop, it is nowhere close to the 5W advertised.

I feel sorry for the US vendor - they may have been scammed by the Chinese manufacturer. Fortunately, eBay allows for free return; I hope I get my money back, so I can purchase bright bulbs from other vendors. I purchased the color changing bulb on the left directly from a Chinese vendor, through eBay. I will purchase more from that vendor, though my orders may take two months to get here, like last time.


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